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At Comprehensive Crowdfunding Masterclass for Filmmakers on Saturday (TBA-Early June) @ SchoolCreative in Vancouver, Ian will share his successful techniques & secrets and guide you from developing your campaign strategies to launching & running your crowdfunding campaign successful.

What you’ll learn

Don’t just dream about turning your film project into reality, join us at Comprehensive Crowdfunding Masterclass For Filmmakers and learn the proven strategies and tools that will make your dream come true.  This workshop has been designed specifically for narrative and documentary filmmakers to build successful campaigns.

Taught by award-winning filmmaker & media activist IAN MACKENZIE (Occupy Love, Amplify Her), he demystifies the world of crowdfunding and the specific storytelling strategies that will help you tap into the revolution.  Ian has successfully guided over 40+ campaigns, raising into total over 1 million dollars.

After exploring numerous real-world film examples (from ‘The Connected Universe’ to ‘What We Do In The Shadows’ ), by the end of the day, you will have the concrete structure of your campaign and the confidence to launch. Woven between the strategy is Ian’s signature insight and heart – with the promise to leave you inspired and empowered.

“Ian is a crowdfunding master. From his experience he knows what it takes to be successful, and, even more importantly, is adept at coaching others to find success in crowdfunding as well.”
Kate Drane, Entrepreneur Engagement Lead, Indiegogo


Date/Time: Sat, TBA-Early June, 2015 – 9am to 5pm
Location:    : #210 – 112 3rd Avenue E. Vancouver

REGULAR TICKETS: $179.00 (**Limited to only 70 Seats. Register Now! )

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Part I. Deconstructing Story

The first half of the workshop will explore the nature of story, looking at the power of mythology and how stories create our world. Then we’ll focus on how effective crowdfunders have woven powerful stories throughout their campaign. Finally, we’ll deconstruct specific examples and why they worked.

Topics covered:

  • short history of crowdfunding
  • from broadcast to digit-oral era
  • the art of asking
  • Kickstarter vs Indiegogo
  • setting your goal
  • choosing rewards
  • the power of myth
  • explanation, meaning, story
  • exploring & breaking down examples


Part II. Crafting Your Narrative

The second half of the workshop will guide you towards developing your own campaign narrative. Though partner exercises and group work, you’ll outline the compelling elements of your campaign, script a concept for your pitch video, and produce the blueprint to launch your campaign.

  • what’s your narrative?
  • developing your meme
  • scripting your video
  • finalizing the blueprint
  • launching & running your campaign
  • navigating the mid-campaign slump
  • finishing your campaign
  • post-campaign fulfillment
  • keeping your fans engaged
  • crowdfunding & taxes

About Ian Mackenzie

Ian MacKenzie is an award-winning filmmaker & media activist based in the Pacific Northwest of Turtle Island (aka Vancouver). His work has appeared in The New York Times, National Geographic TV, CBC Documentary, The Globe and Mail, Adbusters, and film festivals around the world.

His focus covers a range of diverse topics & subjects, though all fall under his mission of uncovering and amplifying stories of the emerging paradigm.

He co-produced Velcrow Ripper’s feature film Occupy Love (2013), and more recently released the short film Reactor (2013). Sacred Economics (2012) is one of his most popular web films, in collaboration with author Charles Eisenstein. Ian’s previous short The Revolution Is Love (2011) was named one of the top 10 Occupy films to watch 2011.

In 2010, he released his first documentary feature “One Week Job” – an inspirational story about a guy who worked 52 jobs in 52 weeks to find his passion. The project received widespread media attention (New York Times, CNN) and the film was aired on CBC Documentary Channel.

Ian MacKenzie also served as head of Matador Productions, overseeing original video series for the world’s largest independent travel magazine. The series “Breaking Free” was shot in countries ranging from China, Panama, Nicaragua, Thailand, Japan, and more.

Aside from film, Ian has created a variety of online projects including Let Me On Survivor and the spiritual travel magazine Brave New Traveler.

He holds a BA in Communication from Simon Fraser University and a Diploma from Long Ridge Writer’s Group.

Awards Received:


BEST CANADIAN DOCUMENTARY – Planet In Focus Film Festival



• REACTOR (Movie)

PEACE AWARD – Cinema Verde Environmental Film Festival (Florida)

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“Ian is a crowdfunding master. From his experience he knows what it takes to be successful, and, even more importantly, is adept at coaching others to find success in crowdfunding as well.” – Kate Drane, Entrepreneur Engagement Lead, Indiegogo

“Loved the workshop. Very clarifying and focused. Great presentation… maybe one of the best I’ve ever attended (this coming from someone who spent 40 years as a facilitator/presenter/trainer). The marriage of passion, focus, and commitment shows.” – Lola

“Equal to Ian’s skill in presenting the intricacies of crowdfunding was his passion for communicating the heart of the vision – serving others as equal members of the human family.” – Alan Clements, author/activist

Ian’s workshop provided rare and refreshing techniques and insights into the new, powerful science that is crowdfunding. After crowdfunding over 30 successful projects, I still learned a great deal” – Gary Lachance, Decentralized Dance Party

“When I launched my first crowd funding campaign I had read everything I could on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The tips were great and my campaign had a little support coming in, however, I did not feel as confident with my video and getting the word out as I wanted. Halfway through my campaign I took Ian’s crowdfunding workshop, after that I changed my video to make it more powerful and I understood the phases that a campaign goes through. I finally felt excited and empowered to share it and receive the support and encouragement from my community., Together we successfully raised more than my goal to record my new CD!” – Theda Phoenix, Musician

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