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Lloyd Kaufman’s

(Make & Sell Your Own Movie)


Sat. & Sun.  •  Dec 14 & 15, 2013  •  9am to 5pm

LASALLE College of the Arts 


For the 1st time ever in Singapore, the founder of the legendary Troma Entertainment and iconic director/producer of over 100 independent films, will reveal his successful real-world secrets to


low-budget films the TROMA way.


Join us at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore on Dec 14 & 15, 2013 to meet and learn from the champion of independent filmmaking, Lloyd Kaufman, the legendary filmmaker who has made over 100 low-budget movies, distributed over 1000 independent films and inspired thousands of independent filmmakers worldwide.

You will gain invaluable real world insights into successful independent filmmaking from the master practitioner himself. You will learn tried-and-proven unconventional low-budget filmmaking techniques and showbiz strategies that are not taught in any film school. 

We feel very fortunate that Mr Kaufman has accepted our invitation and agreed to take time off from his busy schedule to come to Singapore and share his knowledge. This may be the only time that this workshop is conducted in Singapore. So don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from the master of independent filmmaking!

Seats are limited. Do register early to avoid disappointment!

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Lloyd Kaufman with his famous creation, The Toxic Avenger.

Lloyd Kaufman with his famous creation, The Toxic Avenger.

Lloyd Kaufman is America most prolific filmmaker and the co-founder of the legendary Troma Entertainment, one of the longest running independent movie studios in America. Many today’s major stars, directors, writers and producers began their careers in Troma movies. Kevin Costner, Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert DeNiro, Oliver Stone, Trey Parker, James Gunn, Eli Roth, James Scharmus and many more have launched their career at Lloyd Kaufman’s Troma Studios.

Kaufman’s has earned his reputation as a legend and maverick filmmaker; he has written, directed and produced over 100 movies, such as the world famous ‘The Toxic Avenger’, ‘Class of Nuke ‘Em High’, ‘Mother’s Day’, ‘Tromeo and Juliet’ plus many many more. Always a champion of independent film, he and Troma Entertainment has distributed over 1000 independent films worldwide.

In addition to commercial success, Troma enjoys a wealth of critical appreciation at the Venice Film Festival, Cinemathèque Français, the British Film Institute,  the American Film Institute and many others. In 2003, Lloyd himself was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his body of work and important contribution to the film industry at the prestigious Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival.

In 1999, Troma created the TromaDance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and later in Asbury Park, New Jersey.  Charges no entry fee or admission fees, the annual festival gives independent filmmakers a platform to screen their films at one of the most important film markets in the world.

An unstoppable filmmaker, Lloyd continues to write, direct, produce and distribute independent movies under the Troma Studios umbrella. Current movies in production include, ‘Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 2’, ‘Mutant Blast’ and ‘Occupy Cannes!’. The latest news is that Arnold Schwarzenegger is in negotiation to star in the remake of the Lloyd Kaufman monster classic The Toxic Avenger.

To share his successful 40 year experience in independent filmmaking, Lloyd has written many bestselling books such as ‘All I Need To Know About Filmmaking I Learned From The Toxic Avenger’ and ‘Make Your Own Damn Movie’. And when he can find time out of his busy schedule, Lloyd shares his invaluable filmmaking knowledge at festivals and film industry events around the globe.

Troma – Occupy Cannes:
A Documentary about Independents at the Cannes Film Festival!

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lloyd with cameraThe curriculum for the Singapore seminar is specially created so that aspiring local filmmakers can get the full range and in-depth knowledge of successful independent filmmaking the Troma way. Mr Kaufman will share his expertise on filmmaking from both the technical to business perspectives:

On Day 1 “Make Your Own Movie”, you will learn the proven Troma way of financing, writing, casting, producing, directing, finding locations, creating special effects, editing, obtaining music clearance and solving expensive production problems using little or no money.

On Day 2 “Sell Your Own Movie”, Lloyd will teach you the Troma way on how to navigate the festival circuit, how to attend film markets, how to publicize your movie (without getting arrested), how to promote your movie for domestic and international distribution, how to sell or license your movie to a distributor, and how to distribute your movie yourself.



how-toWell, ‘must’ may be a little too much, however, if you are serious about being a successful filmmaker then you most definitely must attend.

The shortest path to successful in whatever you want to do is to learn from someone who has done it successfully. Lloyd has perfected the art and techniques of shoestring, low-budget movie-making; his film studio, Troma Entertainment, he co-founded with Michael Herz 40 years ago, is one of the most successful and longest running independent studio in America.

Orson Welles said, “Everything you need to know about filmmaking can be learned in two to three days.” The Lloyd Kaufman’s (Make & Sell Your Own Damn Movie) 2-Day Filmmaking Masterclass will do just that. In 2 days, Lloyd will teach you exactly what he has perfected in the last 40 years: writing, financing, producing, directing, marketing, distributing ‘your own damn movie’ the Troma way.

We have to reiterate how privileged we feel that Lloyd has accepted our invitation and agreed to be away from his busy film production and distribution schedule to come to Singapore and share his knowledge with local filmmakers. This is the first time, and possible the only time that you will have the chance to meet and learn from the legend in Singapore. Don’t miss it!

Register for Lloyd Kaufman’s 2-Day Masterclass NOW & get EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT


“Lloyd’s Master Class not only sparks the interest and attention of young and independnet filmmakers, but Lloyd also gives insight into the distribution process which many young filmmakers tend to neglect the importance of.”
David Franco, Film Program Director, Full Sail College

“Dear Mr. Kaufman, My Name is Ric Rebelo and I met you at a Master Class in Rhode Island 2 years ago… I just wanted to let you know that I am now the Director for the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival… I have been a life long Troma fan and… have recommended the Make Your Own Damn Movie box set to my film students.”
Ricardo D. Rebelo Festival Director of the Rhode Island International Horror/Scifi/Fantasy Film Festivals 

“Lloyd’s Master Class was a hit at GEMS. A wide variety of talent, both in front of and behind the camera were excited to meet him and learned a lot about Making Their Own Damn Movie. His delivery was informative and entertaining.”
Neal Thomassen, Executive Producer, Global Entertainment Media Summit Connecticut 

“The Make Your Own Damn Movie Master Class by Lloyd Kaufman was extraordinary! It was certainly a great addition to our Film Festival and we were very fortunate to have it. Everyone loved the Master Class and learned a lot from it. The Master Class is now the talk of the town here in Phoenix.”
James Schoepflin, Festival Coordinator, Intl. Horror & Sci-fi Film Festival

“Lloyd Kaufman’s Master Class is a must for anyone interested in making low budget, independent films. Lloyd knows his subject from the inside out and he’s willing to share everything he knows with future movie makers. He’s an excellent teacher, using humor, wit and tales of his own adventures in film making to motivate his students and make his Master Class a very entertaining experience.”
Kendall F. Morris, Ph. D.Associate Professor-Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics, University of South Florida College of Medicine 

“I just attended this class earlier this morning at Salem Cinemas. It was not only a wonderful class, but Lloyd is so personable that it was really an unforgettable experience. This workshop is imperative to anyone aspiring to make movies or even to anyone that just appreciates the art of independent film! Thank you.”
Blythe Sloan-Starr